Elev8 your extensions: 

Beyond The Method



  • 6 Complete Modules showing you literally the PROVEN ROADMAP to Financial Freedom as a Stylist or Owner
  • A Money Mindset Makeover breaking down your relationship with money and attacking fears that hold you back from making positive pricing changes
  • Biz University 101 Essential Information you HAVE to know to run your business properly, from Business Licenses to Tax set up, to bookkeeping and banking
  • Pricing by Design Simplify the Pricing Game we break down every cost including your time that goes into every service to give you the tools to charge for profit 
  • Next Level Marketing tips, tricks, tutorials on how I edit my marketing in my own salon to attract my ideal guests and constant stream of new clients
  • Live weekly Facebook Q&A Group Coaching access to this great community of like minded stylists working to change their lives and business. Live coaching sessions with Stella weekly give you hands on coaching to help you thrive through the class
  • Extension Applications, Contracts, Verbiage Guides & Policies for your business & more
  • Videos, Audios, PDF Guides, Templates 


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Weft Attendance: Hair Inventory Management System

Weft Attendance is a streamlined workflow system for extension artists to not only keep track of your hair inventory but so you don’t ever overorder again due to not knowing exactly what's inside your inventory at all times.

It's time to stop being a slave behind the chair & experience the true freedom that this career has to offer you.

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Blended Root: Comprehensive Weft Custom Coloring Course

Are you ready to create the business of your dreams?  

With 1:1 support, I will not only be there for you while you make the necessary changes in your business but I am here to help you achieve your goals at record speed. It's like having cheat codes to succeed.

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How To Cut Extensions For A Seamless Blend

A Beyond the Method course that teaches you the way Komi Stylists cut extensions to blend perfectly, gives you the confidence to charge high ticket prices, saves you time behind the chair, and explodes your extension business because of your seamless work.

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Choosing Wefts for the

Perfect Blend

Beyond the Extension Method course that teaches you the Komi Method on how to select wefts to create a custom blend that not only looks good when the guests leave but also up until the moment they come back to you.

This course is for you if you’re ready to level up your extension business.

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Beyond the Root: Cutting Extensions Made Easy


A comprehensive course that teaches you how to choose wefts & how to cut extensions for the perfect blend, gives you the confidence to charge high ticket prices, saves you time behind the chair, and explodes your extension business.

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