Hey Gorgeous! 

Are you ready to elevate & manifest your dream life?

It’s time we ATTRACT what we ARE MEANT TO HAVE in our life, & STOP settling for “good enough”. 


We get it. We've been there before.

Countless new year resolutions were not met. We settled for "okay". We knew there was something missing. 

Then one day we realized - WE ARE BETTER THAN THIS.


In 1 YEAR, Stella went from having 1 small business with 1 employee to having 3 SUCCESSFUL businesses that are profiting and scaling at rates that have rarely been achieved by others through the power of MANIFESTING, GOAL SETTING & SELF-REFLECTION.   

While being in school, Aillean used the power of MANIFESTATION to attract the right employer and salon that aligned with her energy and goals. Less than 3 months later she is living her DREAM by doing hair in her DREAM Salon & creating this program along with her Dream Mentor Stella. 


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This didn’t happen by luck & we want to share the secrets that led us to achieve our goals faster than we ever thought possible.

LEARN how we’ve changed our PATTERNS and MANIFESTED our SUCCESS! 


Now, we are crushing our goals one after another in less than a year.

Want to know our secret?

Let's get started!

Imagine if you can...

✨ Understand how to break down your goals into smaller realistic goals that help you achieve your bigger goals while never getting overwhelmed

✨Create an unmatched goal smashing momentum

Achieve more, be happier, love your life

✨ Completely TRANSFORM major aspects of your life

✨ Use the law of attraction to your advantage

✨ Break free from the limiting beliefs that stopped you from achieving all that you are meant to have.

What could you NOT achieve?

Yes, I want to achieve my goals!

You might be thinking…

There’s no way this ELEV8 Manifestation & Goal Setting Masterclass will actually help me achieve those types of results... 

 They were just “lucky, had financial help, that we are using some type of witch magic or any other excuse you just gave yourself as to why you aren’t capable of also FULFILLING EVERY SINGLE DREAM YOU’VE EVER HAD… 

 None of those reasons you just thought are true.

You are just giving yourself a reason to continue playing small. 


That's a limiting belief you just placed in your subconscious. By sharing our method to achieving your dreams & goals, we increase the vibrational energy around us. 




It's visualizing your dream life + HEALTHY mindset + manifestation + deep self-reflection + EFFECTIVE goal setting techniques.


Yes, I want to sign up now!

In our Manifestation & Goal Setting Masterclass, we will teach you how to self-reflect to work through old limiting beliefs, thoughts, mindsets, and actions that hold you back from achieving everything you’ve ever wanted.  

It wasn't just an event that led us to where we are now. It's a series of actions and processes that helped us achieve our goals.

Join us in having your best year ever. You are on this page for a reason...


Yes! I want to join.

Call it whatever you want. But it's not a coincidence that you are here reading this right now.

You are here because you are ready. 

We will show & teach you the exact way we are able to attract, manifest, and EXCEED OUR WILDEST GOALS & dreams inside our elev8 masterclass.

Together, let's make 2022 the best year yet.

With Love & Light, 

Stella & Aillean

Yes, I want to achieve my goals!

What's inside this ELEV8 Master Class?

Through video training, Stella & Aillean start by helping you get CLEAR on:

✨ Who YOU ARE by uncovering your true self, desires, and passions

✨What has been holding you back from achieving your goals

✨How to map out your goals, so that you achieve them in record time using their ELEV8 GOAL SETTING METHOD

✨How to kill the overwhelm that comes with having big goals or major life changes

But, that's not the only way we want to help you ELEV8 your 2022!

Not only we will be showing you how to Manifest & Achieve your dream life,

but we will also be showing up for you monthly to share with you some of our downloadable “ELEV8” Workbook that helps you stay aligned with your highest power and goals.

✨Weekly Intention Planning Sheets

Day to Day Goal Setting Sheets 

Boss Babe Goal Setting Sheets

Wellness Goal Setting Sheets

Affirmation Lists  

Monthly Planners 

Tips to Increase your Vibrational Energy 

Podcast Recommendations 

“Month in Review “ Workbook Sheets

Monthly Planners

Affirmation Lists 

Monthly Planners

Tips to Increase your Vibrational Energy

Podcast Recommendations 

“Month in Review “ Workbook Sheets 

Monthly Planners

✨ Seasonal Book Recommendations

✨ Crystal Recommendations 

✨ “Revive & Align” Your Path Workbook Sheets

You will also gain access to our Monthly “ELEV8” Your Vibration Sessions with Stella & Aillean where we tap into different ways to ELEVATE, TRANSFORM & REACH YOUR HIGHEST POTENTIAL

Who is this for?

If you want to learn about the actions you can take right now to change your life for the better, reach your highest potential, and dream big, this masterclass IS for you!

✨You have no idea where to start on achieving some of your goals. 

You feel like you want to make some changes in your life. 

You want to have a clear plan of action to reach your goals. 

You get overwhelmed with your goals and feel like achieving your dreams seems so out of  reach

You want a new approach to goal setting. 

You are willing to at least try a new approach to goal setting

You are tired of life happening “to you” and you want life to happen “for you.”

You’ve heard of manifestation and the law of attraction, but are not sure how to use or tap into it. 

You're ready to make some changes in 2022 to make it your BEST year, both in life + business! 

Yes, I am ready!

Join us and get immediate access!

Early bird promos are available! Save up to $100. 

The first 10 lucky people who pay in full will get A FREE TAROT CARD READING! 


For only $197, you will get:

✨ First 10: 3 card tarot reading on the 30th of January, 2022 at 5 PM PST.

✨ FREE Daily Planner Sheets

✨ 2 months are free if you pay in full

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12 Month Payment and Commitment

You will be billed for 12 months for only $18.88 and you will get immediate access to:

✨ Everything inside the Masterclass

✨ FREE Daily Planner Sheets

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