6 Figure Extension Biz University

The one course that has everything you need beyond the method to become a successful and profitable hair extension business.

Six Figure Biz University is a comprehensive course that teaches you the skillsets needed beyond the method to create seamless & natural extension blends, the marketing tactics and content creation that will attract your dream clients to your chair, and how to price your services in a way that will have you making more and working less.



Before I tell you about this life-changing program,

let's talk about who this is really for……

  • You’re a busy Stylist full of ambition for a great life and the money to make that life possible.
  • You love your work but are tired of trading long hours, double bookings, and less than ideal clients for dollars.
  • You’re ready to build a business that impacts lives, makes a whole lot more money and work, how and when you want to.


Whether you’re…

A Soloprenuer Stylist that has a suite but has reached your income ceiling and knows that you have to change the way you price your services and run your business

A booth Renter that feels frustrated by the day to day grind of full books and not enough money

A Salon Owner that is doing great business but has little to no profit margins and needs to know how to run a real business.

Or any Stylist that is ready to build their Dream business and live a life of Financial Freedom while working 3-4 days a week


Well congratulations, you’ve taken the 1st and hardest step and you are in the right place. I am going to tell you exactly how The Six Figure Extension Biz University will give you the right tools, the right inspiration, a better money mindset and unparalleled support on your journey to creating your dream Extension Biz.


By the end of this program,

you will have:

  • Attacked your pricing fears and changed your Money Mindset
  • Uncovered exactly what your Unique Costs are so you can Price for Profit
  • Create Pricing Packages that reflect your actual costs, skillset, demand, and Client Experience
  • Learned to leverage my personal Marketing secrets to build your brand and find your ideal clients. I share all my photography and video hacks. 
  •  Discover all the tricks and tips to create an Unforgettable Guest Experience that your clients will have no problem paying for.
  •  Be ready to Implement all the systems and automation I use to run my 7 Figure Salon. Do less office work, spend more time behind the chair.
  • Learned how to have difficult Pricing conversions that convert to high dollar Services
  • Discovered how to put more money in your pocket, deliver Luxury Install Experiences and work less
  • Learned how to Implement game changing risk free Payment Plans to dramatically increase your business for the upcoming Holiday Season.
"Stella changed the way I see and run my business, her love of teaching shines through!
I took Stella’s course and it literally changed the way I do business. In a few short weeks I learned how to understand my costs and how to run it like a real business. I was able to double my profit margin by charging correctly and didn’t lose a single client."


- Maria Soltani

"Stella goes in depth and explains her concepts in a really easy to understand language.
I knew nothing about building an extension business much less how to run one! Stella taught me exactly how to! In a matter of weeks, I knew more about my business than stylists that had been in the biz for years…I’m on my way to my 1st Six Figure Year!"


- Shannon Reises

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Course + 6 Weeks Group Coaching

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6 Monthly Installments


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Module #1

The Pricing Paradox

Here is why it’s important to learn from someone that has come before you - I’ve already made all the mistakes, learned the hard way and I know exactly the mistakes most stylists make! In this Module we are going to Discover, Examine, and Change the Money Mindset that scares many stylists and holds them back from charging their worth.

We will start by examining the stigma around talking about money. As a Certified Coach, Stella will dive into why talking prices and increases are terrifying for Stylists. You’re going deep on what drives these fears, and how to harness those feelings and turn them into strengths.

You will discover exactly what goes into pricing so that you are maximizing profits in your Installs. We will give you tools to change your Mindset with pricing, get past assumptions about what you should charge, and destroy small-town and competitive pricing mentalities that hold you back.

Finally, we will blow past perceived boundaries and limiting beliefs to give you the tools to confidently charge your worth and show you how to have these tough conversations with your Clients. We will give you the scripts to overcome pricing concerns and help you demonstrate your value.

Course Highlights:

Discover your unique pricing roadblocks, and rebuild your Money Mindset so that you are pricing confidently and correctly. Get past overwhelming numbers and into fact-based pricing and the difficulty that most stylists have with these conversations. 

Put your expectations on the table and have fact-based conversations with yourself. Understand your whys about money, your past relationships with money and the beliefs that have held you back. Rewire your self conscience to accept an abundance mindset. Show yourself how and where more money can change your life. 

Map out your pathway to charging higher prices and utilize our tools that will immediately put you in the driver's seat of your career. Get past the stigma and self-doubt of raising prices without losing clients. Understand and harness your worth with proven techniques that send you back to your clients with new confidence. 

Module #2

Biz University 101

When I started my 1st Salon Suite I had no idea there was so much more to running a hair business than just finding clients and doing hair. What they didn’t teach me about running an actual business in hair school could fill a book….well actually it did and in this module I’m going to show the essentials you must know to successfully run your salon like a business. 


We are going to set you up for success by taking a set by step process to make sure that you are set up like a professional business. Business Licenses, yes. Re-sellers Permit, yes, Tax 101, yes. Retail Tax, yes. Employer Tax, yes. Bookkeeping, accounting, profit & loss, banking, yes, yes, yes…Everything you need is in this course. 

We are going to get you on the fast track to ensuring that you are meeting all of your legal financial obligations, and yes….I know most Stylists HATE this part. Worry not, we are going to make this easy and walk you through every step so that you and your business are protected. 


Finally we are going to tie it all together for you, ensure that you have all the tools and know how you need to understand your Income, Costs, Taxes, Operating Income, Saving money for the future and so much more. Biz University 101 is the MUST HAVE knowledge you need to be successful and live the life you’ve been dreaming about. 

Course Highlights:

Discover the ins and outs of running a profitable business. Understand what you need from Licensing, LLC or Sole Proprietor, Resale Lic, Taxes, Bookkeeping and most importantly protecting you and your business. 

We break down your finances in simple, everyday terms so it’s easy to understand. Stop being terrified and overwhelmed when it comes to understanding your finances, we take the fear away by simplifying it. Easy to look at templates will lead the way to clarity about understanding where you stand and how much money you're making.  

Map out your pathway to a more profitable business utilizing our tools that will immediately put you in charge of your profit. Well give you our Profit First model of banking that keeps us on top of every expense so they are never surprises. Need an assistant or two, we’ll show you how to pay for them. 

Module #3

Elements of an Unforgettable Experience

What happens if you walk into a Louis Vuitton store to buy an expensive bag? They treat you like a queen, glass of champagne, attentive service, they use your name, they do everything in their power to deliver a world class guest experience. As extensions artists our services can cost thousands of dollars, install day should feel like walking into that Louis store for that new bag.. Set them up to walk away from their install with that same feeling. 


We are going to set you up for unforgettable guest experiences by breaking down the perceived value of your appointments. We will cover every aspect of the appointment experience from their consultation phone call, to booking, pricing, to walking in for their appointment. We’ll discuss the “in the chair” experience, clear communication, elevated amenities and post visit follow up. 

You will understand the relationship to charging high prices and the way the in salon experience is directly tied to the clients perceived value and their willingness to invest in their transformations. Our tools will help ensure that your guest has an elevated luxury appointment that leaves them walking out feeling like the money was absolutely worth it. 


Finally, we will share with you our package pricing benefits, our social media focus to help attract your ideal clients, our booking forms and policies, client weft and color forms. Everything you need to show off your elevated experience and the tools to help you keep it consistent appointment after appointment. 

Course Highlights:

Discover how to set yourself apart, keep clients coming back and willing to invest in their appointments. Discover how your clients perceive value and the tips on how to deliver an unforgettable guest experience. The objections you get to high prices can be overcome by overwhelming with value. 

From Consultation to Follow up. If you want to charge big prices, you have to deliver on the experience, we show you every step of how we do it at Komi Salon. Ensure that even after your guests go home their experience goes with them, and they look forward to their future appointments. 

Use the same tools we do deliver consistency and value every time. Clarity and consistency are the key to great communication so that your guest knows exactly what they are getting every time they walk through your doors. A 5 star luxury appointment.

Module #4

Pricing by Design

I took my extension certification, I've been to hair school, worked in a busy salon but no one ever told me how they priced their services. Was it some magical formula, did they just look around the room and ask their colleagues what they charged, did they call other salons or artists they admired to know what their pricing was? And then I figured it out. Now I have a foolproof method, and I’m giving it to you. Time to get paid correctly.

Time to simplify the pricing game, we break down every cost including your time that goes into every service to give you the tools to charge correctly. I’ve helped stylists that were charging thousands of dollars on installs and walking away with $150 after everything was all said and done.

Easy, step by step pricing packages build outs that cover all of your costs and make sure that you are profiting properly on your services. You’ll learn our package pricing method that allows us to give complimentary care bags after services, buy lunch for every install guest, champagne and everything that goes into an unforgettable experience. 


Finally bring it all together with our pricing templates and download and our Service Pricing Calculator. Everything you need to take he guesswork out of pricing, price to profit based on your unique costs and get rid of pricing competitively forever. A guaranteed method of making more money on every guest that sits in your chair. 

Course Highlights:

Discover our proven pricing by design methods. Take the guesswork out of it today, simplified pricing that is based on your unique costs. By pricing by design we gave ourselves an additional 22% more profit per service. This money helps pay for our assistants so that each install is easier, faster and more profitable

Breakdown your costs to maximize the profit on every service. Use our templates to build profit first pricing packages. Armed with our calculator and the cost knowledge you learned, guarantee that your pricing is making your money today. Stop being overworked and underpaid.

Start making more money today by utilizing our tools that will immediately put you in charge of your profit. Understanding what it costs you to do an Install Service is an essential piece of knowledge that you must have today. 

Module #5

Essential Marketing for a Six Figure Extension Biz

I’m going to let you in on a secret…to be successful in this business not only are you an Extension Artist, but you must be a marketing and social media boss as well. The most successful Extension Artist Stars all have one thing in common besides great work, they are also marketing gurus, it’s so competitive out there you need to master marketing to stand out from the crowd and fill that chair day in and day out.

Use our tools to identify not only your ideal clients, but your “brand” pillars to harness the power of incredible social marketing to fill your books consistently. Discover email and text marketing techniques that have exploded my business and ensure that we are targeting our “ideal guests”

Websites, blog post, Insta, Facebook, Tik Tok master every aspect of essential marketing. Discover your local competition so you can set yourself ahead of the pack and stand out. We provide beautiful templates for every platform to make beautiful marketing easy and stress free.

Finally we give you every tool we use to produce stunning photography and videography results. We set you up to deliver stunning content with ease that sets you apart from your competition.

Course Highlights:

Stand out from the crowd with easy and effective marketing techniques. Master social marketing to fill your chair day in and day out. Take the guesswork out of it by discovering your ideal guest and targeting them with creative marketing. 

Targeting your ideal guest will allow you to charge for profit, fill your books and make more money by working less. Use our templates to easily master your social marketing, we have created proven templates and systems that maximize your results while minimizing the time you spend marketing. 

Use stunning photography and videography to make an immediate impact on your business. See first hand how incredible imagery can supercharge your marketing results. 

Module #6

Systems, Automation, and Verbiage Guides

We come to the final module, in this module we take everything we’ve learned about our ideal guests, our pricing fears, our pricing by design, the biz knowledge, skills and tools we’ve learned in 101, our newfound mastery of marketing and finish it off with some final systems to help you automate your business so that you are making incredible profits from great clients and living the life you want.

Simplify and automate your forms, scheduling, consultations, social media to free you up to work a better schedule, spend more time behind the chair and live the life you dream about.

Verbiage guides and scripts will help you better communicate your pricing, handle pricing rebuttals and make sure that you are closing sales effectively on high priced services without losing customers because you raised your pricing to reflect your true cost of doing business.

Course Highlights:

Automate pre and post visit communication with your guests. Stop wasting valuable time with all the little things that go into communicating with your clients, cut down on unnecessary texts and calls and free yourself up to spend more time behind the chair or doing the things you love.

Take advantage of our onboarding and follow up forms and applications. Stay on top of every guests needs and feedback with our easy and proven systems

Spend less time running your business and more time making money with your business. Our motto is every minute matters, what can you do with an extra hour or two or three a day…..

"Stella changed the way I see and run my business, her love of teaching shines through!
I took Stella’s course and it literally changed the way I do business. In a few short weeks I learned how to understand my costs and how to run it like a real business. I was able to double my profit margin by charging correctly and didn’t lose a single client."


- Maria Soltani

"Stella goes in depth and explains her concepts in a really easy to understand language.
I knew nothing about building an extension business much less how to run one! Stella taught me exactly how to! In a matter of weeks, I knew more about my business than stylists that had been in the biz for years…I’m on my way to my 1st Six Figure Year!"


- Shannon Reises

When you enroll during this special limited time period, you’ll get: 

($7,492 Value) 











You have immediate access to my entire program, audio, video and pdf w plus video tutorials for every module, downloadable worksheet, and everything you need to take control of your business today.


Enroll Today and we’ll throw in these bonuses:

Bonus #1 

 Komi Plug and Play Calculators to create new pricing packages that are profitable for your business & save time trying to add it all up yourself.

Bonus #2

LIVE Q+A SUPPORT: Ask specific questions related to your business with me & access our Exclusive private Facebook community with like-minded stylists, collaborating and empowering each other.

Bonus #3

WEFT ATTENDANCE COURSE: Our easy-to-use system for tracking extension inventories, purchases, and sales, when you need to order so that you are not wasting money and saving time

“Weft Attendance Hair Client Form” to track the wefts used for each client, and color formulas and save time during new install days on prepping hair.

Bonus #4


a comprehensive course designed to take the frustration out of coloring hand-tied extensions, and weft selection, and give you all the tools & skills needed to create beautiful seamless blends that are one of a kind for your guest.

Bonus #5

BEYOND THE ROOT COURSE: Cutting extensions made easy

A comprehensive course that teaches you how to choose wefts & how to cut extensions for the perfect blend, gives you the confidence to charge high ticket prices, saves you time behind the chair, and explodes your extension business.

Bonus #5


Have you struggled to choose which color wefts to use or purchase on your guest for those Instagram-worthy blends? Maybe you just want just a bit more insight on how to ensure your client's hair stays seamless from the moment they leave the salon until they return!

Whether you are just getting into extensions or a seasoned extension artist this mini-course will take your extension blends to the next level.


Not to be outdone, we have a final and exciting bonus that has helped us reach more clients than ever before.


Payment Plans

We give you everything you need to set yourself up with our trustworthy provider that pays you up front for the entire install and assumes the risk. We have completely filled our books and built a waiting list by being able to offer risk-free payment plans for our services to reach clients that would normally not be able to afford Extension transformations.


Still “thinking about” it?

You want to take control of your time and money….like..really badly

You’re so busy you’re exhausted but you’re just not making the money you should be or need to be.

More importantly, by not pricing for profit you’re working longer hours and don’t have the time for what’s important in your life, family, friends, or the means to do the things you want to do.

That’s why you’re motivated beyond measure to invest in the next 6 weeks in setting yourself and your business up for long-term success in a way that can dramatically alter the rest of your life and career.

I personally can not wait to guide you over these next 6 weeks…

Understanding my business has literally transformed my life.

I’ve experienced firsthand what it feels like to go from being an overworked, underpaid stylist to taking control of my business and setting myself up for the rest of my life. 

If you’re a new extension artist, a booth renter, a suite owner, or any stylist looking to become a successful business owner you owe it to yourself to at least take this plunge to see what your life could look like with a healthy, sustainable, scalable hair business. 

Experience firsthand how this transformation can provide financial freedom, a better schedule and more time to spend on what’s important. 

Should you accept this invitation I know that these next six weeks can change your business and your life. 

I look forward to meeting you inside the Six Figure Extension Biz University


All my best, 

Stella Digiovanni